Life comes at us quickly!

Illness, death of a loved one, divorce and overall economic uncertainty.

If you require assistance Cashyn Homes can help by providing viable solutions for your unique situation.

How do you know when it is time to let go of the property and begin a new chapter?

Our client support staff are equipped with Trauma-Informed Service Training, ensuring a safe and supportive experience for home-sellers facing difficult situations.

Landlord & Tenants

How do I navigate my rights and responsibilities as a landlord when deciding to sell my home?
Landlords have the right to put a rental property up for sale. Whether tenants can move out or stay in the property while it is for sale or sold depends on the type of lease or tenancy in place (periodic or fixed term). Landlords must follow the rules in the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA). Landlords must give tenants at least 24 hours written notice to enter the property.

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Can you help find my tenants a new place once the property sells?
We have a number of property management companies that we work with to ensure your tenants feel supported in the
transition. We also offer a lease back option, where you can begin a tenancy with the Buyer in order to allow you time to
find a suitable long term living situation.


It’s finally time to enjoy the golden years! No more shovelling the walk, or trudging up and down stairs.

Do you need help downsizing your home and finding a new place to live?
We offer assistance with donating goods, as well as junk removal for those items that you didn't have the time to tend to
over the past few years. Our experts can set you up with property management companies and relocation resources.

Did you know the average price of Assisted Living options vary widely…
Basic care units: $1,500–$6,500/month.
Memory care units: Price varies according to location.
Skilled nursing units: $1,500–$10,700/month

Too Many Repairs?

Do you feel overwhelmed and under budget? Instead of moving forward with painful renos and limited resources, why not
have one of our Acquisition Specialists come by to give a proper assessment?

We offer guidance on what repairs update the value of your home,and which ones can exhaust the budget.

We also recommend reputable tradespeople or contractors should you want to complete the repairs yourself!!

Loss of a Loved One

Have you recently lost a loved one, and now have to deal with probate protocols, lawyers and overall grief?
When family members pass on, they leave us not only with memories, but also with their treasured belongings.

Where do you donate relatives' goods or how do you clear a property, after years of acquiring assets?
We have resources to help you navigate this process, ensuring you can focus on what matters most.