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Our Commitment to Convenience & Cash

Cashyn Homes offers a hassle-free option for homeowners looking to sell their houses. Rather than signing complicated paperwork, preparing your house for listing and paying traditional fees, we present a very effective process resulting in more savings and value for you! Learn about our approach in more detail below.

All of our client support staff have completed 3 hours of trauma-informed service training to help work with people who may be in a difficult situation.

“4 STEP Process” to Success


Qualifying Call

The first step is the easiest: just tell us about your home during our initial call. Provide us with the address, the number of bedrooms/bathrooms, square footage, timeline to sell, reason for selling and whether it's vacant, rented or owner-occupied. We'll assess your property using real-time data to determine whether it meets our criteria while deciding if an in-person evaluation is necessary.


Receive an offer

We'll send you an offer for your property, tailoring it to your needs, including time frame and additional services (if required). You’ll have 24 hours or longer (if needed) to accept it. We'll address any requests that you may have before agreeing to the offer.


Offer Acceptance

Once the contract has been signed, we'll schedule 1-2 appointments to visit the property with our team to evaluate what renovations and improvements need to be completed.



Getting your money is simple and stress-free with us. All transactions are completed with lawyers representing both parties. We will cover your closing costs, if you choose to work with our preferred lawyer. A couple of signatures and a handshake later, you’ll enjoy peace of mind and cash in your pocket. That's the smart way to sell your home.

We'll chat about your home and qualify you in minutes.

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