John made the sale of my house so quick and easy it was almost like winning the lottery! Super pleasant and fast! If I ever sell another house it will be the same way to this team again!

Chad Gossett
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Our Mission as House Buyers

The simple way to make money from your house

Get instant cash for your home while saving thousands on real estate agent fees and reducing the stress of selling with Cashyn Homes. We’re the leading home buyers in Calgary, dedicated to simplifying the home buying and selling process with our unique method. All we require from you is details about your home, and we’ll use local data and market trends, coupled with our experience and knowledge, to give you a worthwhile cash offer. If you love it, take it and we’ll begin the closing process. That’s how easy it is to make real money from your home. And it’s only with Cashyn Homes.

Our Process

The New Way to Sell Your Home

Qualifying Call 

Submit your interest about selling your home and we’ll call you for a qualifying call. Tell us the details of your home (size, number of bathrooms/bedrooms) and whether it’s occupied or not. We’ll assess your home based on your information and local data to see if you qualify for our program. 

Get Your Cash Offer


Estimates Made


Offers this year

Get Your Offer & Customize

Get the best offer for your home possible! We’ll send you a no-obligation offer and a few days to think it over. We can discuss any terms or conditions and answer any questions you might have regarding our simplified and cash-making process. We might request to inspect your home beforehand.  


Unique Solutions


Satisfied Customers

Get Paid!

When you agree to the offer, we’ll set up a time for the lawyers to review the financial and legal documents, putting your mind at ease. Once everything is signed, we’ll transfer the cash by your closing date via instant wire transfer or bank cheque. It’s just that easy to make money with us. 


Cash Payouts


Success Rate

We'll chat about your home and qualify you in minutes.

Get Your Cash Offer
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Flexible Closing & Zero Commissions 

Why should you have to pay expensive commissions or be forced to close the sale? Our proven and simple method comes with no fees or charges, and allows you to close your home when you want. 

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Straightforward Cash Transfer

All our wire or bank cheque transactions are handled by our lawyers, guaranteeing efficiency and security. We eliminate the stress of dealing with banks to finance the purchase or transfer the money. 

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Supportive Team

We know that our method is different from standardized and costly realtor-based sales. And that’s okay. We make it easier for you by supporting you at every turn, offering guidance and addressing any concerns. 

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Comprehensive Package 

We offer more than just cash for your home. We’ll provide you with all the necessary services you need - and pay for them too! Get coverage for lawyers, junk removal and moving services, and a new home rental!

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Exceptional & Real Offers

Our offers are always valued at a “market” rate, and never come with any financial conditions or low-ball offers. You can expect to receive real, life-changing offers from our real estate professionals. 

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Leading Real Estate Professionals 

With more than 10 years experience in the real estate industry, we know a thing or two (or hundred) about selling homes. Now, we’re using our experience to offer a smarter, better alternative to homeowners.

All of our client support staff have completed 3 hours of trauma-informed service training to help work with people who may be in a difficult situation.

Work less and make more money.

You can forget about dealing with realtors and buyers, stressing about repairs or renovations, or worrying about open-houses with Cashyn Homes. Our simplistic and proven method removes all the workload that comes with selling a home, streamlining the sale. With investor-backed funds, we can guarantee the sale and purchase of your home without any financial conditions or obligations. Ultimately, that means less work and more money for you! 

Detailed & fair home assessment.

Don’t take the risk of losing money on the open market through a private sale or auction. There’s always a chance you can lose out on substantial money if you go to market. On the other hand, Cashyn Homes offers you real cash value based on your local data, market trends and empathy. You can expect to receive a fair and honest home assessment and offer from us, without the likes of your home’s age, condition or location impacting the sale!

An extra $25k back in your bank.

On average, homeowners spend up to $25k on realtor fees and commissions when selling a home. That’s a huge hit to the hip pocket - especially when you can put that extra $25k in the bank with us! We don’t charge fees or commissions for our work, resulting in your saving thousands of dollars on the sale of your home. Such is our success that we’ve helped our homeowners save over $1M in realtor commission and fees in the last year alone!

Sell your home when you’re ready.

We understand that every homeowner has their own timeframe and lifestyle to consider. That’s why our service caters to your personal timeframe and needs. We can close homes in as little as 30 days or more than 6 months - ultimately, you decide when and how you want to sell your home. And you can only do that with Cashyn Home’s home buyers in Calgary.

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