John made the sale of my house so quick and easy it was almost like winning the lottery! Super pleasant and fast! If I ever sell another house it will be the same way to this team again!

Chad Gossett
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Our Mission as House Buyers

Selling your home is easier than ever before

Sell your home when you want it and how you want it with Cashyn Homes, the leading home buyers in Calgary. We offer a faster, more effective and better alternative to traditional home selling with our simplified process. Just tell us details about your home and we’ll use local data and our real estate knowledge to assess its value, before offering you straight-up cash. No fees, no obligations, no stresses: just a straightforward deal that sees saving money on realtor fees, reduce the stress of selling and make more hard-earned cash from your home. It’s time to sell your home the right way; it’s time to contact Cashyn Homes today.

Our Process

The New Way to Sell Your Home

Qualifying Call 

The first step is the easiest: just submit details of your property in our contact form and our team will reach out to you for more information. We’ll acquire specific aspects about your home (number of bedrooms, the size (square footage) and your timeline), before using local data and experience to determine the value.

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Get Your Offer & Customize

We know that every homeowner has different needs and requirements. It’s why our house buying service is tailored to meet the needs of our customers - you included! You’ll get a no-obligation offer from us, some time to think about things, and any additional services you need, such as lawyers, storage or moving services. 


Unique Solutions


Satisfied Customers

Get Paid!

The best part of the deal! We'll start the closing process if you love your offer (who wouldn’t?). We’ll pay for the lawyers and let them review all financial and legal documents to ensure a smooth transition. Once agreed, you’ll get an instant cash transfer (your choice of a wire transfer or bank cheque) by the closing date.


Cash Payouts


Success Rate

We'll chat about your home and qualify you in minutes.

Get Your Cash Offer
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Pay Zero Commissions

You won’t pay any fees or commissions to our team, resulting in more money in your back pocket. That’s the way we differ ourselves from the rest while offering you outstanding value for your home. 

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Easy Cash Transfer  

We’re backed by investors, who can guarantee our cash offer, and have experienced, highly-recognized real estate lawyers on hand ready to ease your cash transfer. Choose from wire transfers or bank cheques. 

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We Got Your Back

As we’re breaking apart the traditional and overly-expensive real estate agent form of house selling, we’ll be happy to address any concerns or ask any questions about the sale. You’ll know everything we have you covered.

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Complete Service & Deal 

You’ll get the comprehensive deal and package from our team - and we’ll pay for it too! We’ll cover the fees for real estate lawyers, movers, junk removal experts, downsizing services and even home rentals. 

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Life-Changing Offers

Expect high-end offers that are worth their weight in gold. We never present an unfair, low ball offer and force a sale onto you. You can enjoy a “market” value sale with no financial conditions. 

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Experienced & Knowledgeable Team

We know homes and the real estate market better than anyone else. Why’s that? Because we have over a decade of experience in selling and buying homes. And we use this experience to the benefit of our customers.

The easiest way to sell your home in Calgary.

You’ll have complete control of the sales process while taking advantage of today’s high-end seller’s market. Our alternative home-buying method offers you freedoms that you can't have with traditional methods. You won’t have to negotiate with buyers or realtors, undergo repairs or renovations, or have open-houses, giving you more control of the entire sale. Better yet, as we’re backed by investor funds, the money is a guarantee, meaning no financial conditions or obligations. Our way is the simplest way to sell your home. 

Receive a fair & honest assessment.

There is always a chance that if you sell your home on the open market, you’ll receive a lower-than-market-value offer. Our method eliminates that hazard as we assess your property based on local real estate data and ongoing market trends. You’ll get an offer that’s fair and honest, and worth the value of your home. On top of that, we’ll take your home, regardless of its age, location or condition, saving you more money and stress in the process.

Don’t spend $25k in realtor fees.

Did you know that the average homeowner pays up to $25,000 on real estate commissions and fees? That means that you lessen your potential sales earnings, losing money on unnecessary fees. We offer the cash-grabbing solution. Our simplified process breaks the mould as we don't charge fees or commissions on any house purchase. We earn our commissions by finding homes or reselling them in the future, meaning more money in your bank account!

Close when you want.

Do you want to sell your home now? Or do you need some more time to get life on track? Whenever you want to sell your home, we can close the deal on your timeline. We’ve handled sales within 30 days to as much as 6 months, highlighting our flexibility to cater to your personal needs. You’ll never suffer any uncertainty over the sale as we guarantee a close that suits you.

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