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The Unexpected Benefits of Downsizing Your Home
Anthony Maricic
May 16, 2023

Bigger is not necessarily better. Some home buyers in Calgary are not always looking for a bigger house. On the contrary, some might need to downsize from the larger home. A misconception about downsizing is how it's viewed as a step down from having a big house. However, you would be surprised to find plenty of benefits to downsizing a home. If you're considering downsizing your home, check out these unexpected benefits you can reap! 

How Downsizing a Home Benefits Home Buyers in Calgary

Save Money

One of the biggest benefits of downsizing your home is being able to save money. You save money in various ways when you downsize. One of these ways is through your utilities. You spend so much on utilities when you have a larger home because of all the spaces. With downsizing, you can expect to save on heating, cooling, and other energy costs.

 Plus, when you have a smaller home, you're less inclined to buy more stuff - especially big purchases like furniture. Instead, you become more mindful of what you currently have and accommodate them accordingly. In this way, downsizing your home also has the unexpected benefit of practicing more gratitude for what you have and working with it to create a great space regardless of size. 

Less Mess

Are you not a fan of cleaning? If so, you can bet that downsizing your home will make the experience much easier. Naturally, when you have more space in a home, it means more areas that need cleaning. In turn, cleaning becomes a massive chore that tires you out by taking so much of your time. 

However, when you downsize, it will cut that cleaning time significantly. When you have less space, you don't need to worry about cleaning so many areas. As a result, you don't need to clean for a long time. Additionally, if you downsize from a house to a condo, the added benefit is not having to maintain the landscaping of the property. 

Better Accessibility 

Big homes are not known to be the most accessible, unfortunately. Large houses usually have more stairs for the most part because they typically have more than one level. These can pose an issue for accessibility for those with disabilities or the elderly. All the stairs make it harder to get around the house and can increase their risk of falls or injuries. 

When you downsize your home, it can help solve those mobility issues. For instance, you choose to live in a smaller home with one floor or one with accessibility features. In turn, downsizing boosts their quality of life for them. For seniors, it means being able to live at home longer instead of relocating to an assisted-living residence. Meanwhile, for those with mobile disabilities, it gives them more agency within the home. 

Cozy Atmosphere

Lastly, one of the nicest benefits of downsizing is how it creates a cozy atmosphere. 

Many achieve this by getting rid of unnecessary clutter from their previous home. It allows you, as a homeowner, to get creative with the space you are given and what you have. You can create a cozy atmosphere for yourself as you see fit. 

Also, if you're big on family, downsizing your home makes spending time with one another easier. With bigger homes, the spaced-out rooms can create a literal distance from one another. But when you downsize, you can be close to one another and encourage more family time. 

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