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How to Sell Your Home Fast - Without Realtors!

When you’re trying to sell your home fast, the stress of trying to find a realtor among many in Calgary can be overwhelming. Plus, realtor fees can make you feel you’re losing money instead of gaining.

Take control by selling your home yourself and get the most from it! We can teach you how!

Selling Your Home Your Way

Prepare Your Home

First and foremost, inspect your home for any potential repairs. Buyers will be on the lookout for any issues that can infringe on the value of your home. Clean your home thoroughly and decorate it in an aesthetically pleasing way that will entice buyers during your open houses. 

Research & Documentation

Before setting a price on your home, there are factors to consider before calculating the value of your home. 

Determine your home’s price from:

  • Home's location
  • Market price fluctuations
  • Home's condition
  • Current real estate market 
  • Sale prices of similar properties

Once compiled, compare your budget with the total selling costs. Then compare that with the best estimates that you would get from the sale. The analysis of your buying costs will help increase offers and assure buyers.

Additionally, you want the necessary documentation on hand for your buyer.

These documents include:

  • The Seller’s Disclosure document
  • The Purchase Contract
  • Mortgage Payoff
  • Copy of Title
  • Homeowner Association Restrictions & Disclosures
  • Buyer’s Cost Sheet
  • Property Profile Fact Sheet
  • Personal Property Exclusion Sheet
  • Real Property Report

How to Negotiate

Before considering anyone, pre-screen potential buyers to ensure they can afford the house by looking into their salaries, job security, credit, liabilities, and debts.

Afterward, consider all the details of the drawn-up contract:

  • Terms
  • Price
  • Possession date
  • Inspections
  • Objection/concerns

Once you have an offer, determine the net gain of the sale as it's crucial towards how much money gain from selling.

Avoid low offers by learning to assess your net again from:

  • Preparing accurate/ relevant data on property prices
  • Sale's legal aspects
  • FSBO cost-effectiveness compared to a realtor
  • Subtract the cost of selling the house
  • The cost and effect of the buyer’s realtor fees

Working the Sale

Once you have your buyer, you can extend an agreement that will outline the agreed price of the house. 

The agreement must include:

  • names of the buyers/sellers
  • phone numbers
  • email addresses
  • Details of lawyers

After the buyer signs, your lawyers exchange the paperwork to account for all details before finalizing. Then a closing date can be settled to ensure you get paid and the buyer has the keys and deed.


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