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How Do you Know When its Time to Downsize your Home?
Andrew Koenig
May 16, 2023

When is it time to downsize or sell my home fast in Calgary

Our lives are forever shifting and adapting to new changes, and so are our homes. When our homes become too minuscule or too large for our needs, it can be challenging to determine if you need to move or if staying put where you already have established your roots can be done. Choosing to downsize your home can be an intensive process as you seek another smaller home to move into and leave the house you made a home in behind. But what are the signs that exude overwhelming voices telling you to "sell my home fast in Calgary" and downsize into a new house? 

Find out everything you need to know about downsizing your home and the many signs telling you it's time to move to a smaller home. 

Empty nest

When kids move, there's a lot of extra room that is no longer used. Even if you don't have children, you may empty space, like a guest room, that contains more dust than people. Having many areas of unused space in your home causes money to be wasted on these empty spaces. You may find yourself strained to fill these empty spaces with something as you only really use a couple of rooms in the house. If you are scrounging around for decor and furniture to be placed in rooms, you no longer use or need, you might want to consider downsizing your home. 

Struggling with the maintenance of your home

Owning a sizeable home involves a lot of maintenance and upkeep that can take a toll on anyone. Beginning to feel overwhelmed with your home's tasks is a definite sign that you need a smaller place to live. Home improvement professionals state that homeowners should relish and take pleasure in where they reside, not begin to resent it because of the maintenance that it's involved. When your home becomes your primary source of frustration and anxiety, it could be time to purchase a smaller home. 

The features of your home aren't suited for aging 

Initially purchasing a home, whatever year the home was built, we often don't take into account how well its many features will suit us as we begin to age. Suppose your home has multi-stories with stairs, minuscule bathrooms, narrow doorways, or a large backyard that needs continuous maintenance. In that case, these features will diminish the mobility of anyone who begins to age. Downsizing can enable you to find a perfect home where you can comfortably age without obstructions in the house. 

Finding yourself consistently away from home

Whether you're travelling for work or visiting family, if you've hardly ever been at your house due to travel, downsizing could be a consideration that will ultimately save you money on utility costs and the mortgage. When you begin to feel like you're wasting money on a purchased home you're never at, it usually means this it's an excellent time to consider relocating to smaller premises. 

Significant life changes

Many life changes will force you to modify your home. While sometimes you need to expand the room in your home for children, in-laws or pets, some life events indicate it's time to simplify and minimize your house to accommodate yourself. Reaching retirement is often the time that many consider downsizing. Other events that will make someone consider downsizing is the loss of a loved one or a formal separation from a significant other. 

Whatever the cause is, if you're contemplating contacting a real estate professional in the hopes of selling your home fast in Calgary, it might be time to downsize!

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