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BiggerPockets Podcast 429: Pursuing Self-Sovereignty and Why Life is More Meaningful When It’s Hard with Ryan Michler
Andrew Koenig
May 16, 2023

How many times has something happened in life where we blamed someone besides ourselves for the outcome? Didn’t get a promotion: it’s your bosses fault for being greedy! Ran late to work: it’s all the other drivers faults, not yours! Investment property having problems: it’s the tenant doing all the damage!

Ryan Michler, founder of the Order of Man, sees this sort of victim mentality as a massive block to our full potential. He makes the well-put point that all we can do is control our effort, we can’t control others.

This realization didn’t come easy, though. Ryan realized this after a tough fight with his partner, leading him to reevaluate not only their relationship, but the way he shifted blame on others, in an unhealthy way.

Now Ryan interviews the men that he looks up to on his own podcast, all while running his organization/brotherhood of those part of the “Order of Man”.

It’s not easy to stay humble and calm all the time, especially in the state of our current world, but Ryan does as good of a job as any to remind us all that our future is in our hands, and all we can do is try our best, consistently.

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • Why we all need to practice humility, ownership, responsibility, and sovereignty
  • The importance of having a “servant’s mindset” even as a business owner
  • How to constantly add value to whatever you do in life
  • Why we should shift our focus to our efforts and not other’s efforts
  • Why having children makes you want to be better and push harder
  • The importance of owning and running a business, even at a young age
  • Dropping the “I” and using the “We” when leading a team
  • Why “the win” is simply “playing the game”
  • And So Much More!

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