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BiggerPockets Podcast 426: Using the “Sunflower Method” To Buy 18 Properties in Just a Few Years with Teacher Jon Wooten
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Many new investors find excuses for why they can’t buy properties. Either they don’t have the money, the deals, or the experience. Our guest today, Jon Wooten, had none of these three, but found a way to acquire 18 units (and become financially free) in only a few years.

By asking questions and sticking out to the local real estate investors, Jon was able to acquire valuable experience, all while gaining equity in his rental properties. Jon has his own method for finding deals and acquiring wealth, called the “Sunflower Method”, which has helped him get to the point he is at.

Now, financially free at 28, Jon has the ability to choose whether he wants to work, which projects to go after, and how he wants to spend his time. This isn’t a far away goal that only the rich and well connected can get to, it’s available for all real estate investors!

You may be working a minimum wage job, stuck in a career you want out of, or have debt. Jon shows that all of these can’t stop you from acquiring wealth!

How do you find houses? How do you find a mentor? What’s the best way to find a quality handyman? How can you make sure a house is being inspected properly. All these questions and more are answered in this episode!

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • How to find a mentor AND get your first rental
  • Why you should make it an effort to get to know your local real estate investors
  • Why self-managing is a great way to gain experience
  • How to get seller financing on a rental (and who to ask for it)
  • Why you should call “for rent” signs
  • What the “Sunflower Method” is and how it builds wealth
  • The best way to find a quality (and inexpensive) handyman
  • Fake cash flow vs Pure cash flow
  • How to properly inspect a house before you make an offer
  • And SO much more!

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